Bridport U3A Croquet FAQs

Croquet is an ideal way to spend a summer's afternoon. It provides some gentle exercise without being too strenuous.

It is suitable for all ages, it involves a combination of mental and physical skills, and it is possible to socialise at the same time as you are playing (unless of course you are getting very serious about it!).

Group Leader - Philip Morgan-Smith
philip at ( please put in your own @ )
01308 538 141 - 07968 099 239

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What sort of Croquet?

There are two main versions of the game played in gardens throughout the UK

Association Croquet - click for more information

Golf Croquet - click for more information

When does the group meet?

We can meet on any Wednesday throughout the Summer - But we don't expect every group member to come every week . . .

Do I just 'turn up'?

Please contact Philip, preferably at the week-end before, to tell him you'd like to come along and to say what you'd like to do in the session - Golf or Association? - learn or practise? -

Where do we play?

The Hyde Residential Home, Waldich, near Bridport, DT6 4LB . Tel: 01308 887 980 - see the map!

Who are our hosts?

The Hyde is owned and run by BUPA

Do I need to be a U3A member?

Our group plays as U3A - so "Yes" - You can have a couple of goes, then you do need to join up, for Public Liability Insurance cover - please let us know if you are already a member of another U3A branch - that counts! Please bring your U3A Membership No.

Do I need to be expert?

No - None of us is expert - If you want to play with experts you can join the Lym Valley Croquet Club (who play in Uplyme) or the Kingston Maurward Croquet Club (who play at the Kingston Maurward College DT2 8PY near Dorchester)

What will it cost me?

Currently, it is free.

Do I need special clothing?

No - But flat shoes are essential - no high heels!

A sun-hat is wise . . . in case of sunshine!

In case of rain you might want a suitable hat and coat - It's an English game - We tend to play as long as the ground is not water-logged!

Some people wear 'Whites' for matches but it's more important to wear something comfortable - Trousers are best - we do not encourage a golf swing!

Do I need special equipment?

No - We have various amateurish mallets - bring your own if you are fussy!

We have rudimentary gear for eight players.

Is Croquet dangerous?

No - unless you think golf or chess or billiards are dangerous.

Some people claim that Croquet is a 'vicious' game - I suppose it depends on how much you want to win!

In Golf Croquet it is often good to hit an opponent's ball out of the way - but playing Golf Croquet can be a very sociable activity . . .

In Association Croquet you need all the balls you can get - Knock a ball out and it's 'End of Turn' . . .

What 'Facilities' are there?

Bring your own refreshments. But you can fill your bottle with water from a spring on the hillside !

We may use a toilet in the main house - but we must ask in the main office for 'clearance' each time!

Can we play when we like . . . ?

Only Wednesday afternoons at the moment.

Where do we go?

Share cars, if possible. Otherwise follow the map - go in the back gate and park in the stable yard.